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Every homeowner who has invested in a septic system would like to forget about the big tank under the ground that holds all the yucky household waste. If it just worked without any intervention, that would be the best solution.

BUT…Your septic tank is like your car, you need to do preventative maintenance like topping up the oil, replacing worn tires and so on to prevent a nasty crash. Your septic is no different, except a nasty crash for your system can be a big cost to replace your whole system AND a big inconvenience to the household. Unlike a car, there is no loner septic tank you can get while your septic is broken. If it needs to be replaced, this can be months with no toilet or shower.

In this article, we look at the best septic tank treatments for a healthy system and answer the most frequently asked questions from homeowners like you.


What is the best septic tank treatment in 2023

If you don’t have time to read this whole article and just want the top septic tank treatment option available then click to this page to read the hundreds of feedback testimonials from some of the 21,000 homeowners who decided this was the best septic tank treatment.


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Best septic tank treatment by category

Best overall septic treatment

The best tank treatment option available is the Septifix treatment for keeping your tank clean, stopping clogs and dissolving organic matter. With an industry-leading 60-day money-back guarantee, you can see what it does for your system with peace of mind. This option had the most active bacteria and had the best feedback to prevent septic backups. Click to this page to read the hundreds of feedback testimonials from some of the 21,000 homeowners who decided this was the best septic tank treatment.

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Best clog remover treatment

If your drains are starting to run slowly or your toilet is gurgling then you may have a blockage starting. Alternatively, you might have blocked drains. Aside from calling a plumber to fix the problem, the most powerful septic tank treatment for drain clog removal we tested on a clogged outlet pipe was the GREEN PIG Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula which you can get express delivered.

Green Pig


Best Pro treatment

In doing research for this article we talked to 5 different professional cleaning companies, the majority of the septic professionals recommended this Pro-Pump Septic Tank Treatment-for Any System Holding Tank or Leach Field (1 Gallon). This one-gallon container is shelf stable and will last 3 years. With free returns, you can’t go wrong with one of the best liquid treatments.

Pro-Pump Septic Tank Treatment for Any System Holding Tank or Leach Field (1 Gallon)


Best brand – Green Gobbler Septic Saver

Green gobbler products are some of the most mainstream septic tank treatments available and recognizable products on the market with the green gobbler septic saver being one of their most popular for reducing septic tank odors. This does not mean that they work the best for septic system maintenance, but they are a low cost option

green gobbler bottles green gobbler septic tank treatment product Green gobbler septic saver packages


Best septic leach field cleaner

A leach field is a tricky thing to clean but we tested six products across six different drain fields and the Leach & Drain Field Blast came out the winner. Over time your drain field will get grime and slime in the small pipes and feeders. If you treat the tank with a treatment you will stop any unessesary large particles getting into the leach lines, but a septic leach field cleaner is a good idea if your leach field is backing up or not functioning at maximum.

drain field cleaner


Most popular brand

Rid-X septic tank treatment products you either love or hate and it has been controversial after the state of Ohio recommended not using it. Read more about Does Rid X Work & What Does Rid-X Do. No matter how good a treatment is there are always going to be critics. On top of this there are so many different septic systems installed that it is important that you find the best septic tank treatments that work for you.

Rid-X is available in various forms such as powder packets or concentrated liquid formulas.

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The job of your septic tanks

Your septic tanks are where all of the stuff you flush down your toilet, drain, sink or shower end up. These tanks are large, watertight containers intended for greywater and solid waste to settle and be treated with anaerobic bacteria, allowing them to break down the particles. Solid waste and sludge settle at the bottom of the tank, separating from the wastewater layer and scum layer. Bacteria consume the sludge and break it down over time. This settling process divides the scum, such as fats, greases, and oil which floats to the top of the water layer. The settling process creates three specific layers in the first compartment; scum on top, greywater in the middle and slush/ solids at the bottom of the system. The liquid layer passes through the dividing wall of the tank and into the second chamber, where further settling occurs.

The filtered liquid wastewater is now in a fairly clear state in the pump chamber after the solids have been removed. From the second chamber, the treated effluent exits either via a pump or gravity, depending on the type of septic system you have. This exits into perforated pipes or leach lines known as the leach field also referred to as a drain field.


household owner reviewWhat are septic tank treatments?

They are products that you add to your septic to help it function properly. There are a number of different types of treatments available on the market, each with their own unique benefits.

The most common type of septic system treatment are bacteria-based treatment. These products work by adding beneficial microbes that help break down the slush and grease to prevent clogs further down your septic.

Another type of septic tank treatment is a chemical-based treatment. These products work by adding chemicals to your septic that help break down waste and prevent clogs.


What are the best septic tank treatments made of?

The best septic tank treatments are those made of biological additives like septic tank bacteria treatments which are designed to increase the beneficial bacteria in the septic tank system and promote a healthy ecosystem of bugs. The correct natural bacilli when given the right environment will break down human waste, digest grease, reduce septic odors as well as process raw sewage and septic waste correctly.

Septic tank treatment enzymes are another biological additive that is beneficial in a cesspool treatment. Septic tank enzymes assist in breaking down fibers like toilet paper and work on the scum layer to keep the system clear.



Frequently asked questions about tank treatments

Do septic tank treatments work?

There are so many treatments on the market that it is hard to make a general statement, but there are some very effective treatments that do work. Check out our favorite here.


What is a natural septic tank treatment?

A natural septic tank treatment is one that does not use harsh chemicals or anything that will upset the natural bacteria in the septic tank and will usually result in a healthy residential septic. It is important that you follow the recommended dosage for your tank size as overpopulation of microbes can also be a problem, often resulting in increased production of gas and septic smells after being treated.


What does it mean to have a properly functioning septic system?

Septic tanks are the main thing that most homeowners focus on, but there is also the drain field. Preventive septic tank maintenance is the key to the entire system. If things go wrong in your septic system you risk expensive septic tank backups into your house as well as into your drain field. As the leach field is underground, it is not easy to access this and unblock it.


How do you prevent costly septic backup?

To prevent costly septic backup the household needs to come together to make a healthy residential septic system. So on top of a monthly septic tank treatment or septic tank additives to keep healthy septic, the household AND visitors need to know what they can’t put down the toilet or sink etc. A treatment only goes so far. If someone is tipping oils or fats or flushing anything but human waste and the correct toilet paper down the toilet, you will not be able to prevent septic tank maintenance or septic backups.


Do you recommend chemical additives over biological additives?

I know it’s not nice but if you think about what goes into your septic, everything should be able to be broken down in your sewage system naturally using the tank’s natural bacteria. If you are looking to enhance how you treat human waste or organic waste and avoid foul smelling septic systems, we believe you should do this naturally, without harsh chemicals.

Many consumers make the mistake of thinking that natural or biological additives will not do as good a job as industrial chemical additives. When I look at my personal healthy septic system solutions list, it is not long, it is all about focusing on healthy septic tanks and avoiding expensive septic backups and unpleasant odors. This can all be achieved with the use of septic specific enzymes, active bacteria and most importantly beneficial bacteria that you give a helping hand with a flushable treatment packet or septic tank monthly treatment.


How can a septic tank treatment help anaerobic septic systems?

One of the reasons your system starts to smell bad is due to septic systems becoming anaerobic. Anaerobic septic systems are when the bacteria are starved of oxygen. Bacteria in the tank need oxygen to thrive and that is where septic tank treatment packets or tablets that contain biological additives to increase the good bacteria while destroying all the bad anaerobic bacteria like e-coli or salmonella and other harmful pathogens in human waste.


How do know what are the correct bacterial cultures in septic tank treatment brands?

There are a number of different scientifically selected bacteria cultures in certain treatment tablets, the best septic treatments contain scientifically selected bacilli cultures that will increase the natural bacteria to break down the solid waste, and digest grease in both the sludge layer and the scum layer as well as reduce septic odors.

What maintenance treatment is best after having septic tank pumped?

For full information on what to do after you have had your septic tank pumped read this article – What to do after septic tank is pumped


What is the best septic treatment to break down solids?

Breaking down solid waste so it doesn’t go into your septic pipes or plumbing lines is a good idea. For full information see this article – Septic tank sludge dissolver – how to break down solids in a septic tank


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