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For most homeowners with a septic system, the colossal tank buried beneath the earth that accumulates all the unsavory waste from your home is something you’d prefer to never think about. Ideally, it would function perfectly without any involvement, becoming a distant memory while it works tirelessly unseen.

But there is one thing that can clog it all up, if only you knew the right toilet paper to buy… Don’t worry we got you covered in this helpful article about the best toilet paper for septic tanks!


Understanding Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the best toilet paper brand, it’s essential to understand what it actually is. Septic safe toilet paper is a type of toilet paper that dissolves quickly and efficiently, making it safe for use at home. It’s designed to prevent clogs and reduce the likelihood of complications or issues.

When choosing the top toilet paper for your needs, the primary factor to consider is how well and how fast it dissolves. The faster it breaks down, the lesser the chance of creating a blockage or damaging your system.


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Top Brands of Septic Safe Toilet Paper

When it comes to the top toilet paper for septic tanks, some brands stand out. Here’s a list of brands that are renowned for their septic-safe products:

  1. Scott Rapid Dissolve Roll: Scott toilet paper is one of the best brands when it comes to septic safe toilet paper. Their Rapid Dissolve Roll is specifically designed for use in septic systems ensuring the toilet paper dissolves quickly.
  2. Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare: Cottonelle is another top brand, known for its soft yet sturdy toilet paper. The Ultra CleanCare variant is safe for your septic and provides a balance between comfort and utility.
  3. Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper: Seventh generation toilet paper is a leading brand in the eco-friendly products space, and their toilet paper is no exception. Made from recycled paper with no added dyes, inks, or fragrances, it’s as gentle on the environment as it is on your septic system. One of the big benefits is that Seventh Generation don’t use chlorine bleach to whiten their toilet paper, so your good bacteria won’t suffer!
  4. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper: If you’re wondering, “Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe?” then Caboo toilet paper product is your answer. It’s made from sugarcane and bamboo fibers, both of which are quick-dissolving and septic safe. We also love their slogan “It’s up to us to save our butts!”, brilliant.


Best recycled toilet paper

Recycled offers a multitude of benefits, making it a fantastic choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. By opting for recycled, you contribute to the conservation of our precious forests and natural resources. Every roll you use helps reduce deforestation and the associated habitat destruction, ensuring that wildlife habitats remain intact. Moreover, recycled toilet paper often undergoes a chlorine-free bleaching process, reducing the release of harmful chemicals into the environment. Embracing recycled toilet paper is not only a small change in your daily routine but also a significant step towards a more sustainable future, where we prioritize the responsible use of resources and strive to minimize our ecological footprint.

Check out these top 3 awesome deals:

  1. Tork Septic Safe Toilet Paper White, 100% Recycled
  2. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper White Bathroom Tissue 2-ply 100% Recycled Paper without Chlorine Bleach
  3. Marcal Toilet Paper 100% Recycled – 2 Ply White Bath Tissue, 336 Sheets Per Roll – Green Seal Certified Toilet Paper


Best Biodegradable toilet paper

This is a great solution for home owners who prioritize both environmental sustainability and the health of their septic systems. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can take a long time to break down, this toilet paper is specifically designed to rapidly decompose, ensuring it won’t clog or damage your system. This means less risk of blockages and costly repairs. Additionally, biodegradable toilet papers often uses materials and manufacturing processes that are gentle on home septic systems, minimizing the disruption to the natural balance of bacteria responsible for breaking down waste. By choosing biodegradable toilet paper for your septic system, you not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also help maintain the efficiency and longevity of your system.

Check out these top 3 awesome deals:

  1. Freedom Living Toilet Paper 2-Ply – Biodegradable, Rapid Dissolve Toilet Tissue
  2. Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper  Tree Free. Biodegradable, Eco Friendly – Quick Dissolve 2 Ply roll toilet paper
  3. Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper – 3 PLY – Eco Friendly Toilet Tissue – Organic, Plastic Free, Compostable & Biodegradable – FSC Certified


Brands to Avoid (worst toilet paper for septic)

While many brands offer papers suitable for flushing, not all rolls are suitable paper for septic systems. Thicker, plush toilet papers are often slow to dissolve. Try to avoid scented toilet paper and some even contain oils and scents, fewer chemcials will reduce the risk that it could upset the balance of your system. Some popular brands that you might want to avoid at home include Charmin Ultra Strong and Quilted Northern Ultra Plush.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charmin septic safe?

While Charmin does offer specific rolls they say are suitable for tanks, their Ultra Strong line may not be the best choice for septic systems due to its thicker design, which can take longer to dissolve.

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Can I use RV toilet paper in my septic system?

Yes any RV toilet paper is fine to use in your home tank, check out these best selling RV new toilet paper deals.


Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is typically septic safe. Bamboo fibers are naturally quick-dissolving, making them ideal for septic systems. Caboo is one brand offering septic-safe bamboo toilet paper.


Is regular toilet paper safe for septic systems?

Not all regular toilet paper is safe for septic systems. Those that are thicker and plush can cause clogs and backups. One question people ask is “Is who gives a crap toilet paper septic safe” we answer that in this article as well as is Reel TP ok for septic systems.


How to dissolve toilet paper in septic tank?

The bacteria in your sewage system naturally break down toilet paper over time. However, using toilet rolls suitable for septic, which dissolves quickly, can help avoid potential issues.


low flow toiletsWhat breaks down toilet paper in a septic system?

The good bacteria in the liquid waste break down toilet paper or dissolves rapidly. This is why it’s important to use toilet paper that dissolves easily and doesn’t interfere with the bacterial balance of your septic system.


Is Cottonelle toilet paper septic safe?

Yes, Cottonelle’s Ultra CleanCare toilet paper is septic safe and is designed to dissolve quickly to avoid clogs.


Is Angel soft toilet paper ok for a septic?

Angel Soft toilet paper is septic safe. All toilet paper products manufactured by Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products, including Angel Soft, are acceptable for use in standard sewer systems. Angel Soft tissue paper is certified to the SFI’s standards, making it an eco-friendly choice. It breaks down easily in your system and is designed with your comfort in mind. Furthermore, Angel Soft toilet paper packaging is suitable for well-maintained sewer systems. In summary, it is safe for standard sewer and septic systems. – Get the best deal on Angel Soft toilet paper now.


Do you have to use single ply toilet paper?

No you don’t need to ensure your new toilet paper is single ply, it can be 2 ply toilet paper for tanks even ultra soft tissue paper or recycled paper for your new toilet paper.


Key Takeaways

Choosing the top toilet papers for your sewage system involves understanding what brands offer it. Continually using the wrong type of toilet paper can lead to questions like how long do spetic systems last. Brands like Scott, Cottonelle, Seventh Generation, and Caboo all offer top-rated toilet papers suitable for your system. Avoid thicker, plush bath tissue, and always opt for those that are labeled septic safe. With a little research and consideration, you can avoid the bad toilet paper for your system and find the right solution for your system that is gentle on your system and offers the comfort and utility you expect.

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