How to tell if septic tank is full

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full septic tankIf you’re worried about your septic tank being full then it’s likely you’re experiencing some problems or you are worried about your septic system. In this article we will cover the major signs you need to check for to ensure you don’t put your health at risk from a full septic tank. Some of the signs below may mean you need your septic tank pumped, but many are signs of a septic tank or septic system that is not happy. We will also cover a new natural septic tank treatment that breaks down and eliminates the sludge in your tank that can lead to a full septic tank.


7 warning signs your septic tank is full

  1. Strong odors of human waste from your septic tank or drains (see article on Why the sewage smell in house & septic odor neutralizing)
  2. Drains are slow to clear water
  3. Water pooling near your septic tank
  4. Very green lawn near the tank
  5. Sewer backup
  6. Pipe gurgling sounds
  7. Trouble Flushing your toilets


Strong odors of human waste/ raw sewage

This is usually one of the first obvious sign of an unhealthy sewage system. The bad odors or sewage smell coming from your sewage system can be a sign your tank is full, or it can be that your septic tank is not properly maintained. Basically, it is not happy and neither are the bacteria that live in your tank.

Drains are slow to clear water or draining slowly

If you have slow drains or water is slow to drain in your shower, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, washing machine or multiple drains in the house, this can be a sign that your tank is full or there is a clog in one of your lines. This is an easy one to spot as you know the normal level or speed of your drain empties, especially the lowest drains.

Water pooling

Pooling water or standing greywater/ wastewater around your yard or specifically near your septic tank and in the drain field or drainage area is a warning sign that your septic tank is overfilled or not dealing with the wastewater generated. It can be hard to measure this if you live in a state that has a lot of rain. If you also look at the next sign, that the grass in your yard is overly green, these two can combine as a potential sign of a major problem.


Don't wait for your septic tank to fail

Very green lawn near the tank

If you have patches of greener grass in your yard and you haven’t applied extra fertilizer recently, this could be a sign of a full tank or your tank needs to be emptied. Look specifically near your tank, if your tank is overflowing at night or when you are not around, this could show the problem.

Sewer backup

Sewage backing up is a sure sign that your septic tank system or plumbing works are having major problems. This can be a potential health risk for you and your family. Of the several warning signs, this warning sign is one to take notice of and take action on. Engage a plumber or septic tank maintenance company to visit your property and diagnose the problem, to establish if you need to have your septic system pumped. See the related article “What to do after septic tank is pumped”.

Pipe gurgling sounds

If you experience weird sounds when you run water in any of the sinks or showers or even when you flush the toilet, this is a sign that the septic system or the pipes are not happy. It can be a sign that the septic tank is full and it is not easily accepting the water you are putting into the septic system. Slow drains are also a common associated symptom.

Trouble Flushing your toilets

Last and definitely not least is if you have if it is difficult to flush your toilet or they aren’t emptied straight away, especially if the water and human waste will not drain away or just isn’t working properly. This is one of the tell tale signs that our septic system or septic tank is not accepting the waste or that there is a blockage in your pipes.


What to do next

So these are several warning signs of septic tank problems. Does this mean that you need to call a plumber immediately, no. Some of the signs like trouble flushing your toilets or your sewage backing up are serious problems for most homeowners that could be an overfilled septic tank and may require septic tank pumping or for a professional have your septic tank pumped. Often a septic treatment can alleviate these troubling signs. Many of the signs are of a failing septic system that can be rectified with either the correct septic tank maintenance or having your tank pumped at proper emptying intervals.


How to check septic tank is full

The best way for how to check if your septic tank is full is to locate your septic tank or septic system and open it you will also get a better idea if the filled tank or overflow tank needs attention. If there is a lot of solid waste in the tank this can be a problem. If you are experiencing some of the less severe symptoms of septic systems then it may be that your septic system or septic tank is not happy. For an easy way to increase the health of your entire septic system and switch to natural maintenance for your septic tank learn more about the leading septic tank treatment used by over 21,000 home owners.

Remember septic tanks can be difficult or they can be easy to maintain your septic system in tip top shape. Here at Septic tank cleanout we prefer easy septic tanks with low solid waste and avoid hefty bill from pumping your septic tank. The next article to read is just had septic tank pumped and full again!


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