Septic System Financing – Can you get a loan or grant for septic system replacement or repairs?

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Septic tank installation and replacement

Whether you are looking to install a new septic system on a new build or replace failing septic systems, it will likely be a big investment in your home. The biggest problem for homeowners is the urgency to replace failing septic systems or to make septic system repairs as it is often not something you can put off.

The good news is even in the current environment where interest rates are rising, there are many very low loan program interest rates specifically for septic repairs or replacement. In this article, we will detail the options we have come across. If you have applied for low-interest loans or a loan program that has worked for you, please leave the details in the comments so we can update this article.

*All information in this article is correct at the time of writing, please check the links provided for up-to-date information.


US loans and grants for septic system repairs and replacement

With tens of millions of US homes utilizing a septic tank, there are a number of official government organizations and not for profit organizations available to offer low interest loans or grants to repair or replace septic tanks and systems. Below are some of the official websites we found.

Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA logoThe EPA’s website can help you find financial resources from the federal, state, and tribal levels for septic project maintenance and eligible septic system projects. See the page on the official government organization website for more information – Funding for septic systems.


United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

USDA logoThe US Department of Agriculture offers low-interest loans and grants in some US states. To see your qualification you can call the USDA Rural Development at 715-345-7611 or visit our website at

The USDA website says: “If an inspection of your system indicates that it needs to be repaired, replaced or upgraded, USDA Rural Development can provide assistance through home repair loans and grants. Loans are available for up to $20,000 at a one percent fixed interest rate for up to 20 years. Individuals who are age 62 and older and who do not have repayment ability for a loan, may be eligible for a grant of up to $7,500. Funds can cover all upfront and construction costs, including system designs, permits and installations”.



Craft3 logoIf you are a homeowner or business owner with septic systems in need of repair or replacement and you live in the US states of Washington or Oregon, then Craft3 could be an option for you. Craft3 is a Pacific Northwest not for profit organization lending to businesses and homeowners for social good. For more information about their loans for the community, septic management programs see their website for eligible septic projects.


Solve your septic tank problems


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you finance a well and septic?

There are many options to finance failed septic systems or wastewater treatment systems. This can be to increase your home loan through a top up, a personal loan through to a grant or low interest loan from an official government organization or united states government for low income residents or property owners. There are also a number of community septic management program options around the United States, for example the Massachusetts Community Septic Management Program provides residents of Massachusetts with a septic loan proram and tax credit program.


What is the cheapest septic system to put in?

The type of septic tank and leach field that is cheapest is not often the system that your states environmental protection agency will sign off as suitable for your property. For an overview of all septic systems see this page with links to the various septic systems. To get a quote on the cheapest and most suitable septic system see the septic tank replacement or installation page.


best septic tank treatment


What is the alternative to a septic system?

The alternative is to connect to a municipal sewer if it is available in your community. There is often a connection fee to connect to the local sewer and then monthly payments for this connection.


How much does it cost to fix a clogged septic tank?

Depending on the clog you can get away with a septic tank treatment for as little as $9 per month that can remove clogs. Alternatively, get a quote to get the clog removed and your system cleaned out here.


What are the 3 types of septic systems?

The three most popular septic systems will depend on your property location, soil type etc. We have found that the three most popular from our readers are:


What happens when your septic field is failing?

When your septic field starts to fail you will notice your septic tank starting to become full (over the normal operating level). Often you will in failing systems that areas of your yard that are wetter than others because all of the wastewater treatment is flowing into one area constantly. Because your wastewater system is operating at a higher level than normal, you will also find the grass gets greener around your tank. Read this article on What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Septic Tank and How often should a septic tank be pumped? for more information to make sure your leach field has the best chance of not failing.


How can I save money on a new septic system?

You can save money on a new septic system by researching some of the gov websites and secure websites we have included in this article as well as the non-profit organisations in your state that assist local communities with a loan program to repair or replace a system and can also in some instances cover septic tank expenses as well. The first step is to get a quote for a new septic system so you know how much you need to borrow or apply for funding.


What is the average cost of an engineered septic system?

This is a very common question we get, but it is almost impossible to give an accurate answer. The cost will depend on the state you are in (and the regulations they impose) and the type of septic tank or system you need to use based on your soil, proximity to water table or body of water etc.


In conclusion, there are a number of government organisations from the United States environmental protection agency through to the department of environmental and many urban development grants and local programs that provide property owners with financial assistance through to home equity loan top-ups. While not all applicants are accepted for grants or low interest loans there are many financing options available. Do a thorough Google search and talk to your local department of environmental agency about the financial assistance they know of or other programs that provide grants in your state.


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