Conventional Septic Systems

A septic tank and a ditch or bed subsurface wastewater infiltration system (leach field) are the two components of a decentralized wastewater treatment method. A conventional septic system is typically used for small businesses or small or single storey family homes.

The gravel/stone leach field has been a popular design for decades. The drain field's name derives from the way it is built. Effluent is sent via a pipe from the septic system to a small below the ground ditch, typically filled with rock or gravel with this design. A geotextile or other appropriate underground material is then spread over the trench to prevent sand, soil, and other impurities from entering the clean stone.

The effluent percolates through the gravel and is subsequently treated by bacteria upon reaching the earth beneath the rock or stone-filled ditch.

Rock or stone systems are large in total footprint and suite properties with a larger backyard, they may not be ideal for all residential sites.

Conventional Septic System
Source: EPA website
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