Septic Systems in the Face of Climate Change

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climate change and septic tanks

Climate change has been at the forefront of global conversations for a while now. As we witness more frequent and severe weather events, rising sea levels, and warmer temperatures, it’s evident that climate change impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. And yes, even your backyard septic system isn’t immune at any size.


Key Takeaways for Homeowners Concerned About Climate Change and Septic Systems

  • Understand the connection between climate change and septic system function.
  • Know the potential impacts of rising temperatures, heavy rainfall, and rising sea levels on your septic system.
  • Take proactive steps to make your septic system more resilient to climate change, including regular maintenance and strategic landscaping.
  • Consider upgrading to an advanced septic system for improved performance in the face of climate-related challenges.


Understanding the Climate Change-Septic System Connection

At its core, a septic system is a simple yet effective solution for treating household wastewater. However, these systems are designed based on assumptions about climate, including rainfall patterns and temperatures. As climate change disrupts these patterns, septic systems may not function as intended.


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Rising Temperatures and Septic Systems

Higher temperatures can influence septic systems in several ways:

  1. Increased evaporation rates: Septic systems rely on evaporation as part of the waste treatment process. Changes in evaporation rates could impact the system’s efficiency.
  2. Changes in soil properties: Rising temperatures can change soil characteristics, affecting its ability to filter out harmful pathogens from wastewater.
  3. Altered bacterial activity: The bacteria that break down waste in your septic tank are sensitive to temperature. If it’s too hot, these microbes may not work as effectively.


More Frequent and Intense Rainfall

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Heavy rainfall can saturate the soil around the drain field, leaving no room for wastewater to be absorbed. If the soil can’t absorb wastewater from the septic tank, it may back up into your house or pool on the surface of your yard.


Rising Sea Levels

For coastal homes with septic systems, rising sea levels pose a significant threat. As the water table rises, there is less room for the soil to treat wastewater, leading to potential system failures.


Climate-Proofing Your Septic System

While climate change presents challenges, there are ways to make septic systems more resilient:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Routine inspections and pumping can keep your system working efficiently and help identify potential problems early.
  2. Improved Design Standards: Newer systems are being designed with climate change in mind, considering factors like increased rainfall and rising sea levels.
  3. Landscaping Tactics: Strategic landscaping, like planting water-loving plants around the drain field, can help manage excess water.
  4. Elevated Drain Fields: In areas prone to flooding or with high water tables, constructing a raised or “mound” drain field can help protect the system.
  5. Switching to Advanced Systems: Advanced septic systems provide higher levels of treatment and are often better equipped to handle climate-related challenges.


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