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Vermont septic tank pumping cost

Homeowners in VT have one of the highest septic tank ownership percentages in the United States. Almost 50% of Vermont’s residents rely on individual septic systems for their home sewage management.

A big part of maintaining a septic tank in VT is getting it pumped out regularly which is a significant cost to many households in Vermont. So every time this is due, you will probably ask “How much does septic tank pumping cost in VT”  In this article, we will reveal the lowest, average and highest cost to pump septic tank, results collated from our team getting on the phone and talking to over 25 septic companies across 14 counties in VT.

Additionally, we’ll explore the regulations in VT and the various elements influencing the cost of septic tank pumping, equipping you with the necessary information to make a knowledgeable choice regarding the upkeep of your Vermont septic system.

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Key Takeaways

  • The average cost to have a septic tank pumped in Vermont was $411
  • The cheapest place to get septic pumped was in Springfield, VT.
  • The most recommended way by septic tank pumping companies to save money on septic tank pumping costs is to use this $9 a month tablet that you flush down your toilet each month (easy)
  • Septic tank pumping is an important part of septic system maintenance and should be performed every 3-5 years.
  • VT regulations require a permit to install a septic tank, but septic tank pumping companies are not regulate
  • The cost of septic tank pumping depends on factors such as tank size, location, pumping frequency, and additional services


Looking for low cost septic pumping near me in VT?

household owner with septic tank treatmentEvery month there are hundreds of searches on Google for the cheapest septic tank pumping near me or the cheapest septic pumping VT.

Unfortunately, the cost to pump your septic will never be discounted much because every septic tank pumping company in Vermont has to own and maintain their truck, gear, pay for a driver to suck all of your waste out the ground and then pay dumping fees to the county.

The only way to save on septic tank cleaning cost is to reduce the amount of waste in your septic tank, specifically the solid waste with a septic tank treatment like this one from must $9 a month.


What factors affect the cost of septic tank pumping in VT

In Vermont, the price of septic tank pumping is influenced by various elements. These include:

  • Tank Size: The capacity of your septic tank directly impacts the cost. Larger tanks, which hold more waste and demand more time to empty, will naturally cost more to pump. Conversely, pumping smaller tanks is typically less expensive.
  • Pumping Frequency: It’s crucial to pump your septic tank regularly. Delaying this necessary maintenance can lead to unsanitary conditions, costly repairs, and a significant reduction in your septic system’s efficiency.
  • Household Size: Homes with more occupants may need their septic tanks pumped more frequently. This increased frequency can raise the overall cost of septic system maintenance.
  • Geographical Location: The cost for septic tank pumping can vary based on your location. For instance, in Burlington, VT the price was 1.5 times higher than in Springfield, VT.
  • Type of Repair Needed: The cost can also vary depending on the specific repairs required for your septic system. These repairs can range anywhere from $600 to $5,000+.
  • Tank Accessibility: The ease of access to your septic tank also plays a role in determining the cost. Tanks that are harder to access may require more labor and equipment to pump, leading to higher charges.

It’s important to note that these are just some of the factors that can affect the cost of septic tank pumping in Vermont, and the actual cost may vary depending on the specific circumstances.


Septic tank pumping cost near me in Vermont

Many households will be looking for the cheapest septic tank pumping near me in VT while others will be asking how much does it cost to empty a septic tank in my county or city. Well, we did the heavy lifting for you (lifting the mobile phone that is) to find out how much does it cost to pump a septic tank in VT. Our team got on the phone and talked to over 25 septic tank pumping companies across Vermont to give you a low, average and high figure so you have a solid understanding of how much septic tank pumping costs are near you.


County Low  Average  High 
Addison County   $225 $400 $600
Bennington County  $250 $400 $550
Caledonia County  $300 $480 $600
Chittenden County  $245 $435 $510
Essex County  $219 $530 $610
Franklin County  $350 $425 $750
Grand Isle County  $250 $460 $800
Lamoille County  $210 $490 $600
Orange County  $190 $380 $500
Orleans County  $210 $490 $600
Rutland County  $210 $440 $660
Washington County  $200 $490 $640
Windham County  $211 $475 $620
Windsor County  $180 $490 $600


*These prices to have a septic tank pumped in VT are accurate at the time of printing this article. Prices to get septic tank pumped were recorded talking to between 1-5 septic tank pumping companies in each of the 14 counties of Vermont. A note that some of the low figures may be misrepresented due to the low number of companies we talked to in that county.

Our team is working our way around the USA, check out our primary research for Septic Tank Pumping Cost MN & Septic Servicing Minnesota.


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Septic system regulations in Vermont

In Vermont, all new septic systems are required to obtain a state permit. The state adopted universal jurisdiction over the design, permitting, and installation of all new wastewater systems and potable water supplies on July 1, 2007. The regulations also cover the construction or modification of a wastewater system and/or potable water supply, new connections to an existing system, subdivision of land, and repair or replacement of a failed system.

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Wastewater Management Division is responsible for regulating septic systems, and permits are issued by the Regional Offices of the Wastewater Management Division. The regulations also include licensure requirements for septic system contractors and the need for a soil test and percolation test for the construction or modification of a waste water system.

There is no regulation on septic tank pumping in VT and the state or counties do not legislate a timeframe for pumping your septic tank.


How does the size of the septic tank affect the pumping cost

The size of the septic tank can affect the pumping cost in the following ways:

  • Larger tanks hold more waste and take longer to clear, so they cost more to pump
  • Pumping a smaller septic tank can cost around $100 to $200, while pumping out larger septic tanks that can hold up to 1,500 to 2,000 gallons of water may cost $200 to $300
  • Most homes use a 1,000- or 1,250-gallon tank, and the cost to pump a septic tank tends to range between $225 and $600 for most residential tanks
  • Extremely large tanks can run $1,000 or more

It’s important to note that the size of the septic tank is just one of the factors that can affect the pumping cost, and the actual cost may vary depending on the specific circumstances. Other factors that can affect the cost of septic tank pumping include the frequency of pumping, location, type of repair, and accessibility of the tank


Best septic tank treatment products for Vermont septic systems


Best septic products

In conducting this research, our team got on the phone and called septic tank pumping companies in Vermont, we focused on the following counties and cities:

Addison County

  • Middlebury
  • Vergennes
  • Bristol
  • New Haven
  • Ferrisburgh
  • Addison
  • Shoreham


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Bennington County

  • Bennington
  • Manchester
  • Shaftsbury
  • Arlington
  • Pownal
  • Dorset

Caledonia County

  • St. Johnsbury
  • Lyndon
  • Hardwick
  • Danville
  • Burke
  • Barnet

Chittenden County

  • Burlington
  • Essex
  • South Burlington
  • Colchester

Essex County

  • Lunenburg
  • Island Pond
  • Canaan
  • Concord
  • Guildhall
  • Brighton

Franklin County

  • St. Albans City
  • Swanton
  • Fairfax
  • St. Albans Town
  • Georgia

Grand Isle County

  • Grand Isle
  • South Hero
  • North Hero
  • Alburgh

Lamoille County

  • Morristown
  • Stowe
  • Elmore
  • Hyde Park
  • Johnson


Orange County

  • Randolph
  • Williamstown
  • Thetford
  • orinth

Orleans County

  • Newport
  • Barton
  • Derby Line
  • Brownington

Rutland County

  • Rutland City
  • Killington
  • Rutland Town
  • Fair Haven

Washington County

  • Montpelier
  • Barre
  • Northfield
  • Waterbury
  • Warren
  • Moretown
  • Duxbury

Windham County

  • Brattleboro
  • Rockingham
  • Putney
  • Bellows Falls
  • Wilmington

Windsor County

  • Hartford
  • Springfield
  • Windsor
  • Norwich
  • Hartland


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